Corporate sustainability

fabbricadigitale is committed to reducing environmental impact by integrating sustainability into company-wide practices.

Increasing the efficiency of consumption and enhancing the performance of energy processes are indispensable investments for the work team, which everyday studies new ways to combine business and environmental responsibility.

Corporate Welfare

We encourage smart working, believing that it improves productivity and helps us achieve important sustainability goals. Ninety percent of the people working at fabbricadigitale are full remote.

ISO 14001

As a results of its virtuous initiatives and environmental impact reduction milestones, fabbricadigitale has earned the internationally recognized ISO 14001 certification as the standard of reference for environmental management system (EMS Environmental Management System). Earning ISO 14001:2015 certification demonstrates fabbricadigitale’s ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices. These include monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, electricity, waste management and conservation of natural resources by investing in sustainability projects.

Product sustainability

Products for an innovative future

We adopt sustainable development techniques to decrease the energy cost of software. In addition, products designed by fabbricadigitale help customers operate more efficiently by reducing their environmental impact. Innovations such as cloud computing incentivize the adoption of paperless workflows, just as virtual collaboration cuts emissions from transportation and shipping.

Sustainability support activities

Ocean race and support for climate initiatives

In 2023 it is alongside Ocean Race, the major race that will come to Italy for the first time and feature the most ambitious and comprehensive scientific program ever created by a sporting event.

Each boat taking part in the six-month round-the-world race will have specific equipment on board to measure a range variable along the 60,000-kilometer route, which will be analyzed by scientists form eight leading research organizations to deepen their understanding of the state of the oceans. Sailing through some of the most remote areas of the planet, rarely reached by scientific research vessels, teams will have the unique opportunity to collect vital data in areas where information on two of the biggest threats to the health of the seas is lacking: the impact of climate change and plastic pollution.

fabbricadigitale partners with organizations and associations that are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

The fabbricadigitale forest

The tree factory is the name we gave to our first corporate forest. We have currently inaugurated the first 200 trees planted in Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. A commitment that will continue in 2024, until we reach the quota of 400 trees planted.

The fabbricadigitale hives

In 2021 we adopted 88 beehives, one for each fabbricadigitale person. Each hive was monitored and protected for one year and produced a jar of honey that was sent to each digital beekeeper’s home.

Blog news

Read the latest fabbricadigitale articles dedicated to sustainability.

fabbricadigitale is a sponsor of The Ocean Race

21 June 2023|

We have always been committed to reducing our environmental impact by integrating sustainability into our business practices and promoting ecological activities that focus on the common good and [...]

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