Save ourselves from plastic, #usethetazza

Save ourselves from plastic - #usethetazza

In fabbricadigitale, we started 2019 adopting an ecologist initiative: save ourselves from plastic.

Plastic needs about 1000 years to be deteriorated and it’s not all. Micro plastic debris can be ingested by birds and fishes, suffocating the smallest or becoming part of us because of the food chain.

Reducing the use of plastic packaging and cups is an idea of some of our most sensitive colleagues who, following environmental campaigns, thematic documentary movies and books, in addition to observe how much plastic garbage the company produces every day for water and coffees, started to ask for a solution.

So, what’s the first step? We gifted fabbricadigitale’s people with a personalized cup for hot and cold drinks, to place near the computer, at hands. Each one has a modern cup now with name or nickname above; a little gift that makes anyone responsible of his choice to reduce and, we hope, stop the use of plastic at least in our reality.

Results so far are positive and encouraging in view of a first approach towards the consciousness about a worldwide critical issue, therefore #usethetazza, which means use the cup!

If you want to know more about this topic, we suggest you to watch “A Plastic Ocean”, a documentary movie available on Netflix, here the trailer.
If you prefer a good book, here a very interesting one that recommends a 2 minutes’ daily action (#2minutesolution): “No.More.Plastic” written by Martin Dorey.


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