This morning Carlo Malvezzi, Regional Counselor of Lombardia, arrived at fabbricadigitale.
During his institutional visit, he explored the different areas with CEO and some of the most important company’s employees and discovered the latest technologies and prototypes developed in the company.

“I wanted to visit one of the most dynamic companies on the territory because I saw some of its interesting works and I was curious about the working method and approach. The results were obtained thanks to a deep technological knowledge and a reality-oriented approach. My intuition has been confirmed in the dialogue with company’s staff and I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach and open-mindedness towards business and people,” Malvezzi declares.

In demo room, the Counselor was the first to see the functioning of “Mantova Phygital City” application and later he visited the co-working space, a 300 mq that will host startup, IT professionals, students and fabbricadigitale’s employees to share ideas and expertise with the aim to start new collaborations and innovative projects.

“Another aspect that hit me was the valorization of new talents that can be hired. For this purpose, fabbricadigitale is creating a new physical space where people, both from inside and outside the company, can create a community of knowledge. This is what we need today inside the companies. A winning and interesting model which can contaminate other companies that use technology only as an operations tool”, Counselor Malvezzi comments.

In conclusion, CEO together with Innovation manager show some pending technological projects: the extension of “Mantova Phygital City” application that hit MIBACT interest and an IoT prototype for people safety.