A few months ago, we met Andrea Devicenzi: a good-looking man, who spread energy and smiled.
The meeting took place at fabbricadigitale and, during the chat, he explained us Progetto 22.
Andrea moves on a single leg, talk on a single leg and, as he entered in the company, said hello on a single leg. His story enters deep inside – as it happens when we listen to someone that has more energy than we have – and makes understand that there are not so many limits when you want to do something and you want to live.

He told us – with the enthusiasm of a 20-year-old- about his passions, his projects, and his life focused on helping others; he made us understand that everyone has the necessary energy for expressing himself, that everybody has an interesting story, and everybody have a special and unique strength.

We loved Progetto 22, so we shook hands and decided to create something important and together for the future, something able to get us far away, as a trip that makes you feel good. We put online the website www.progetto22.it. A special thanks to Cinzia, Niccolò and Silvia who made it possible, while the Andreas were happy to be part of this group. 🙂