Privacy Policy for website visitors

With this document, fabbricadigitale srl, headquartered in Casalmaggiore, via Alessandro Volta 3 – Italy, titleholder of the following websites,,, describes the personal data processing modalities of the websites visitors.

This is a statement in accordance with sections 2 and 3 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The statement does not have any value for other websites, visited by users, connected to this one through links potentially included in pages of the aforesaid websites, held by fabbricadigitale.

Types of processed data

  1. Navigation Data

In general terms, it is possible to surf the website without providing any personal data. The website is composed by different sections, some of them require data entry, and others do not. IT systems and software procedures dedicated to the website performance are implicitly used for Internet communication protocols. These information could identify users/visitors through associations and elaborations of data owned by third parties (for example IP address, domains name of computers used from users/visitors who connected to the website, etc.) – by their very nature. This kind of data are mainly used for static information and in order to control the correct website performances. Data on website contacts are not stored after their elaboration, except for possible checks on computer-related crimes against the website. No data from the web service is communicated or disseminated.

For further details relating to cookies, visit the specific section

  1. Data provided by visitors on a voluntary basis

In case users/visitors, connecting to this website, send personal data for accessing to specific services, in other words for requests via email, fabbricadigitale obtains the user’s address or other personal data, which will be processed just for answering to the request, it means for providing the service. Personal data provided by users/visitors are communicated to third parties just when the communication itself is necessary for answering to the users/visors’ requests.

Purpose of the processing

fabbricadigitale can process personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Manage registration to the site and/or linked APPs, in addition to any connected activities or to access any specific or restricted website areas. Send e-mails necessary to register users to specific website and APP services, and keep account active (processing necessary for contract execution or pre-contractual activities).
  2. Manage Italian, European and International legislative requirements (accounting, administrative, fiscal, etc.)
  3. Manage any disputes (Legitimate Interest of the Titleholder)

For the purposes mentioned above, the consent of the users is not required.

Processing methods

Data processing occurs through automatic tools (for example using electronic procedures and devices) and/or manually (for example hard copy) just for the period necessary for reaching the data acquisition purposes and in accordance with the current laws. Technical data are stored at the company’s offices that guarantee all the security measures included in the GDPR, and following measures.

Optional nature of data provision

Apart from what described for the navigation data, users/visitors are free to provide their own personal data. Failure to provide said data makes impossible to have what required.


We inform our Users that some pages of this website use technical or session “cookies” for customize the offered service, recognizing the User in case of following website visits (just if the consent has been provided after the opt-in requests). We do not use cookie profiling or cookie for personal information dissemination. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can set your browser for receiving information about the used cookies and be able to decide if accept them or not. It is possible also to refuse all cookies automatically, enabling the specific option in your browser. If the User decides not to accept cookies, problems could occur occasionally in the use of some pages of this website.

Further details in the cookies specific section in this website.

Communication and Transfer of Personal Data

fabbricadigitale does not transfer personal data outside the company, partners and affiliate. For technical-practical needs connected to the information processing, some personal data could be positioned in vendors and sub-vendors servers or just elaborated by third parties that acceded to the standards of fabbricadigitale for the personal data protection.

Data could be communicated to the competent authorities, in accordance with law.

Titleholder, Representatives and Categories of persons in charge

The titleholder of data processing is fabbricadigitale srl – headquartered in via Alessandro Volta 3 Casalmaggiore (CR) – Italy. Data are processed just by technical staff formally designated. You have the right to ask for the list of third-party data processors to the Titleholder.

For any enquiries, please send an email to

Rights of the concerned people

People, which personal data are related to, have the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of those data and to know content and source, to verify the accuracy or ask for the integration, update or correction in any moment (GDPR).

Following this article, you have the right to ask for the processed data cancellation, modification in in anonymous form or the block of them in violation of the law, as well as to object to the processing of data, in any case, for legitimate reasons.