Health Advocate – MultiUx Ethical Wall 2017-08-31T10:28:14+00:00

Project Description

Customer: Health Advocate, Inc.
Product: MultiUx Ethical Wall
Activity Area: Unified Communications
Partner: no partner

Description: the entire Health Advocate company already used Microsoft Lync, except for the internal call center, as the communication system among employees because of its speed and responsiveness. After years, the management noticed that also agents needed to communicate with their supervisors in case of urgent questions, and real-time requests. Worried about a productivity reduction and an abuse in communications, the management opted for a specific and dedicated solution.

The adopted solution, after a test phase, was Ethical Wall – Dynamic version, the MultiUx software of fabbricadigitale able to guarantee a high granularity in the Lync communications, a detailed addressment of the who can communicate with, and the Majordomo feature that makes the rules auto-creation possible for specific users.

MultiUx Ethical Wall satisfied the control, security, and coordination needs of the customer.