Customer: EXPO 2015 – eWall, Totem & Wayfinding
Product: XuniPlay
Activity Area: Multimedia 

Ewall   XuniPlay is the core and the central software that managed the big interactive Expo eWalls. 18 monitors, several proximity sensors, video cameras, and an innovative radar touch system compose each eWall. Monitors use original and native interactive platform mechanisms in order to create always-new interactivity and contents. Infotainment applications, games for kids, Italian football team matches live streaming are just few contents that XuniPlay shows.

Partner: Samsung/Imecon

Totem & Wayfinding – the Edutainment App – considered the physical countermeasure of the information management Cloud system – has characterized the more than 100 informative totems installation in the Expo area. The installation, developed following the Expo guidelines and starting from the Wayfinding application, led hundreds of guests to the Expo places and to its events thanks to always up-to-date informative cards, thematic itineraries and rich multimedia contents.

Partner: Telecom Italia Digital Solutions