Customer: Cinecittà World
Product: XuniPlay – Phygital Tools
Activity Area: Multimedia
Partner: Telecom Italia, Peavey, Bose

Description: The entire digital experience of Cinecittà World guests is based on and managed by XuniPlay Phygital Tools. The platform is the core of any screen (from the ticket office to the non-interactive communication totems, from orientation directory to ledwalls, etc.), and interfaces with all the Peavey distribution systems and the Bose PA systems in order to reproduce and diffuse the audio contents in the entire park. XuniPlay manages also the information coming from the park app and from the smart queue management system, making up the backbone of all the interactive and digital devices of Cinecittà World. XuniPlay SRM manages the information before, during and after the guests cut through the park.