At the 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence, from 13th to 16th of June, Piquadro presented the new collection called Coleos Bagmotic, the new company’s bag automation project: luggage that meets the modern Internet of Things philosophy.

The Coleos Bagmotic collection proposes smart backpacks and trolleys: luggage equipped with technology that together with the Connequ application, entirely developed by fabbricadigitale, guarantee services not available in the travel market until today.

The Connequ app, after its free download on your smartphone – compatible with smartwatch as well – allows backpacks and trolleys to charge your devices battery when necessary and everywhere thanks to the power bank included in them; to be geo-localized for being aware of their position in case of loss, inattention or theft with an alert message directly on your smartphone. Other functionalities of the app developed by fabbricadigitale are the possibility to see on your mobile and in real-time the luggage real weight through a scale in the handle of the bag, and the option to turn the backpack LED light on with a simple touch on your smartphone screen, very useful for bikers, motorcycle and athletes.

The IoT meets Piquadro for giving an innovative technology to travelers, enhancing their passion and safety.

Watch the video of Coleos Bagmotic collection.