Inaugurazione Open Innovation Campus

On November 4 fabbricadigitale starts a total opening project beyond the company’s boundaries: Open Innovation Campus (OIC).

The society, public and private, has more and more need for cooperation, sharing and contamination; to be alone is a loss of value, time, energies and it weakens the mind.

We have invested and believed in creating a place that brings together ideas, projects, technologies, citizens, social needs, territoriality in an open and innovative way.

OIC is open to everyone and offers spaces to organize events, speeches, workshops, labs, dinners and things that we do not know today.

All the technology in this space is managed by an APP: lights, doors, electrical outlets, heating systems are integrated and easily managed with a touch on the smartphone.

We strongly believe that our territory could proactively react to the difficulties that surround us and that there are people who need an excuse to do so.

The space will be open from November 4, come to live it with us and with whom, like you, wants to be a part of the innovation in our territory.