During these days we are assisting to the viral explosion of Pokémon Go, the new game that is conquering the whole world thanks to the application of pervasive technologies, that implement geolocalization and augmented reality allowing the complete involvement of the user in the game’s virtual dimension.

This trend is the perfect example of how gamification can become the new tool for the fruition of the city, touristic sites and commercial activities which is also an opportunity for urban regeneration and revitalization of places and services for Italian municipalities.

fabbricadigitale believes in this concept and has successfully launched some months ago the “Treasures Hunt”, a format realized on the occasion of the partnership with Mantua in the year of his appointment as Italian Capital of Culture 2016.

“Treasures Hunt” allows the most emotional and thrilling experience where anyone can take part, both individually and as a team, and rediscover the artistic beauties and the most significant places of the city.

In this way the game has not only entertaining purposes but also educational and cultural ones, the smartphone acts as the interface to the real world by combining physical and virtual experience (physical+digital). This creates the phygital dimension, which enables the use of digital technologies tp complete our daily experiences in a natively and integrated way.

The continuous interaction between the physical places and the informative multimedia content through the smartphone allows a richer and more aware fruition of the city where the user is not isolated or estranged from the world but, on the contrary, he is fully awake and attentive to all the incentives sent from the physical reality.

Through the “Treasures Hunt” fabbricadigitale has realized a new way of users’ collective engagement, which is funny and educational at the same time and creates a renewed cultural and social awareness.


For further information please visit the new website http://www.cacciaitesori.it/