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XuniPlay is a management and distribution software of multimedia contents, it is multichannel and independent from the hardware. A single and integrated platform for all the Digital Media activities like Digital Signage, Totem and Interactive Kiosks, Web TV and streaming, and much more.

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fabbricadigitale’s team makes available its competences and expertise for the multimedia projects realization, from the design to the management phases.

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fabbricadigitale has several partnership programs suitable for the different market needs and for its ecosystem.

Flexibility and quick response guarantee to our partners the most possible efficiency for facing the global market challenges.

Alliance Technology Partners

Alliance Technology Partners (ATP) collaborate for developing and offering their combined or complementary solutions, starting from already existing products or creating new ones.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners (CP) resell or implement the products and/or solutions to the market. They can be System Integrators, resellers or distributors.

Hardware Partners

Hardware Partners (HP) integrate their hardware products with the XuniPlay software for certifying the reliability and operation, and for creating bundle for the market.

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