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MindIcity is the “urban intelligence” platform, which provides the most innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for a holistic approach to analysis and support for the management of a complex system such as the City.

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Urban Intelligence for Smart Cities

Today a smart city is a set of many autonomous, intelligent systems, with different use approaches (app, dashboard, …), which produces massive amounts of unrelated data and often not even correctly collected.

Decisions are made “compartmentalized” and based on subsets of information where correlations are left almost exclusively to human activities.

MindIcity offers to smart cities an open platform for:​

Acquire all possible data

Extract information in the shortest time

Correlate information according to scientific models

Show information in the right way, at ideal times, to the right people

Creating knowledge

Predicting evolutions​

Allow simulations

Recommend actions and decisions​

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MindIcity, what does it offer?

  • City organization

  • City knowledge

  • Security increase

  • Risk reduction

  • Analysis of complex phenomena

  • Support for environmental sustainability

  • Livability improvements

  • Strengthening the appearance of a tourist destination

Main features

  • Artificial Intelligence: MindIcity makes massive use of Artificial Intelligence technology. Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are just some of the cutting-edge technologies that the platform makes available.

  • Big Data: indIcity implements the “datalake” of the City, by creating for the first time a real and unique container of all the information that describes and helps to understand and manage the City

  • Multidisciplinary scientific approach: technology supports the processing and correlation of data according to academic models.

  • Open Source: components of the completely Open Source platform for the creation of an integrated and open system for all entities and companies of the ecosystem.

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Venice Smart Control Room

MindIcity is the innovative Urban Intelligence platform at the base of the Smart Control Room in Venice, inaugurated on September 12th.

 Find out more; read the case history!

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