fabbricadigitale, that provided the technological platform which managed the Expo 2015 digital experience for Telecom Italia, launches an innovative and made in Italy project for Mantua, the Italian capital of culture 2016.

Mantua and its Mayor Mattia Palazzi, following the successful Expo experience, carry on this positive path becoming the first city to adopt natively the most advanced digital technologies for its territory, serving both tourists and citizens.
Mantua is the first Italian city that offers an innovative experience connecting the need to live “physically” the city with the support of a digital assistant who knows our tastes and preferences.
Thanks to a real time activity of multi-dimension city mapping, an artificial intelligence engine guides us in the best life experience, supporting our preferences and anticipating our desires.
The most advanced machine learning technologies, based on big data, analyze in real time any smart-city information, also with social contributions offered by citizens, organizations and visitors.
Using an app installed on our smartphone or on digitotems placed in the city, constantly connected to many devices distributed in the territory, we will be able to communicate actively with the city.
We will benefit from any useful information like augmented reality functions, 3D videos, 360° video, assisted guides, traffic alerts, timetable and seats availability for city events, in addition to daily actions such as buying tickets, avoiding queues, making reservations or planning what to do in the spare time.
Through our smartphone, a Phygital Commerce function will suggest us where to find what we need in the city and receive offers that match our tastes and consumption preferences. It will suggest places and shopping itineraries in the surroundings based on the actual or future position.
Thanks to the aptitude for innovative sponsorship forms, this solution could have a zero economic impact for the public administration.

The smart city evolution: the synthesis between “physical” and “digital” experience becomes “phygital experience”.
From now on, Mantua is the first Italian “Phygital City”.

Stay up-to-date: http://www.mantovaphygitalcity.com