The latest version of “Mantova” is now available, the official app of the Italian Capital of Culture 2016 city.

We introduced new and meaningful features that improve and enrich the city experience, more and more led by your smart mobile.

One of the most significant section is ITINERARY that gives you the possibility to select specific paths and explore the city following the chosen theme (art, culture, music) and the set available time. If you love music, for example, you can opt for “Mantova, la città di Rigoletto”, which makes you visit buildings, places, and alleys where the famous Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi’ opera of the 16th century, took place.

In AROUND YOU section, thanks to the geolocation and your preferences, you can access the map inclusive of tips about places and events around you, rich of information relating to distance and time to get there. You will find also details about the accessibility for disabled.

In EVENTS, the search through calendar is now available, allowing a smarter and easier consultation of events, festivals and exhibitions; you can also add them to your smartphone calendar in one-click.

For celebrating the 20th edition of the popular Festivaletteratura, there is a specific section. You can find all the 5 days’ Festival events in the calendar, with all the necessary information about time, location, topic and authors.

Download the new version and come to Mantova!

Download the app!