fabbricadigitale breaths IT and oxygen, key elements to live in our world.

We are always in the middle of innovation, both technological and social; we coexist with computers and smartphones, we work with brain and arms, and sometimes we drink a beer and eat a slice of cake together.

We try to anticipate the companies’ needs by taking advantage of our expertise, those of our partners, who loves us, competitors, and who passes by and leave us an idea.

One of our strengths is the strong bond among people; often we help each other to solve problems, win difficult moments, and give us the energy to face complications and then tell us a story in front of a hot chocolate cup.

We are in Casalmaggiore (near Parma), in Cremona and in Milan; we are also in other places where there are internet connection and passion for IT. We can be in places where we are not yet today.

We are boys and girls from 19 to 53 years old. According to the modern tradition, we have 3 active generations, but we like to say that each one represents itself and we are often not-generational.

If you are interested in a new experience, technical and human, send us your resume: we always read them all. If you do not receive any answer is because your application does not match our requirements. You won’t receive automatic thank you email neither; we will contact you in case your resume is interesting for now or for the future.

Beside jobs, we organize social-educational activities to inspire the community, to add value to our area. Our Open Innovation activities are dedicated to anyone, including you. This could be an additional reason to affect others.

Even if you are a super-young technologies enthusiast without experience, don’t be a stranger and tell us what you love and like; we can’t wait to chat with you.

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