On the occasion of the official launch for the smartphone application of the project “Mantova Phygital City”, on Sunday 10 April will take place in Mantua the first edition of “Treasures Hunt” realized by fabbricadigitale under the patronage of Mantua.

An innovative phygital game that involves users who have installed the app on an exciting trasure hunt around the streets of Mantua. The App will offer clues and indications to discover the artistic and architectural treasures of the city as quickly as possible. Thanks to the interaction with innovative technology, your smartphone shows you when you have found a treasure and will suggest the clue for the next one.

The appointment is at 4.30 pm in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore; all players will download for free the app on their smartphone and participate in this fun collective event. The end is scheduled at 5.30 pm with the winners on the stage in Piazza Erbe.