multiux site

We shook the MultiUx website up!

The MultiUx family has increased thanks to new products and services always dedicated to the Unified Communications and we thought to show these new entries with a complete renewed website.

The logo re-imagining, the choice of new colors shades, the font change, have been studied on purpose for showing the brand essence.

Logo – We removed the square shape in background, which identified the control panel, the distinguishing symbol of the first MultiUx products. The family is bigger now and it includes different services dedicated to the UC that do not have anything in common with the static and unchanged old sign.

Colors – We modified the MultiUx brand colors but remaining loyal to the green. The pastel hue, representative nuance of the color birth itself, expresses the MultiUx role as the fabbricadigitale’s archetype of the UC tools; the green color, as in the past, tells the brand mission, which is to guarantee security, organization, processes automation, and cost-saving to all the companies’ typologies.

Font – We reconsidered the font for showing the brand personality, enriched and matured in these years: experience in Unified Communications guaranteed by a young and highly specialized team.

Visit the website and contact us for info about the MultiUx products and services.