Hybrid Workplace is a team specialized in cloud collaboration solutions: voice, video, business services and advanced work tools for creating safe and innovative digital environments.
The Hybrid Workplace team will accompany you in the process of digital evolution to transform your reality into a modern, secure and productive corporate environment, with calculable benefits in terms of innovation, stability and growth opportunities.

Certified skills

Hybrid Workplace is the result of fabbricadigitale‘s long-service experience in the world of Unified Communication & Collaboration. Over the years we have accompanied dozens of companies and business teams in the processes of change and digital evolution.​

Our solutions are based on:​

Microsoft 365​
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Azure

It is thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important institutions in the ICT sector that Hybrid Workplace is able to provide the best technological solution to guarantee the innovation of businesses.

Our approach


We get to know the customer, we interview them and we collect useful information to understand what their needs are


The customer tests our solutions to establish if the product or service is suitable for their needs


We accompany the customer in the service activation process with an all-round support of the staff


We train the customer in order to transmit all the useful information on the products and services we offer


We monitor and improve the performance of the service and products we offer in relation to the customer’s needs over time

Our solutions

Modern Security

We adopt the “Zero trust” model, based on the principle of “never trusting, always checking“.

In 2021, attacks around the world increased by 10% compared to the previous year and are increasingly serious. Italy in particular proved to be the fourth country in the world and the first in Europe to be the most affected by malware. The new attack methods show that cybercriminals are more and more sophisticated and capable of networking with organized crime (Clusit Report 2022)

Teams Voice & Video

Communication within company teams and departments is one of the main determining factors for the success of a company. A successful business organization must integrate messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing, social media business tools and project management tools into one single communicating and collaborating solution.

Endpoint Management

Did you know that the unified endpoint management (UEM) allows the IT department to manage, secure and deploy corporate resources and applications on any device, from a single console?

In this day and age, an increasing number of users work remotely using tools of all kinds: laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. For this reason, the best way to ensure the correct management of the devices is to employ endpoint management software.

Move to the Cloud

We can follow you in the organization of a new workspace, capable of helping individual workers and groups of people to collaborate as best they can, thanks to the adoption of innovative and integrated tools.​

Today, distance no longer represents an obstruction to collaboration, you can work while furloughed, anywhere, communicating quickly, securely exchanging data and information and respecting the privacy.

Power Apps

We create Web Apps and mobile devises for you.

Thanks to intuitive low-code tools, the Hybrid Workplace Team can help you creating apps for any business need!


Smart solutions that make the difference

There are multiple solutions to be put into play in order to optimize work, smart working and safety.

How to find the ones that are really necessary for you?

Tell us your needs, we will work together to discover and enable them.

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