On Wednesday 6th July from 2.30 pm at “Sala della Regina” in Palazzo Montecitorio, the final document of the fact-finding survey entitled “Industry 4.0 Revolution” was presented, led by the X Commission for Productive Activities, Commerce and Tourism of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

The event was chaired by Guglielmo Epifani, President of the Commission, with the participation of Carlo Calenda, Ministry for the Economic Development, Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria, Lorenzo Basso, Deputee and supervisor of the final document and Luca De Biase, responsible for Nova 24.

The goal of this survey which began on 2nd February 2016 and ended on 30th June, has been to analyze, study and monitor the whole productive overview of Italy in order to understand which method and tools must be applied to facilitate the digitalization of the national industrial supply chains and collect the challenge of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Among the experts that have been heard during the past six months of research, also fabbricadigitale has contributed, along with other players, as Italian excellence and SMEs with a global innovative vision in the digitalization field.