This year, fabbricadigitale has decided to give “less Christmas” Christmas gifts to its employees. A symbolic gesture aimed at promoting biodiversity stability. 88 trees were planted, one for each person at fabbricadigitale, and 88 beehives were adopted, each of which will be monitored in real time for a year and will produce honey that will be sent directly to everyone’s home. Environomica, a non-profit organization specializing in direct action for nature conservation and sustainable rural development, was chosen to plant the trees. Eighty-eight trees were planted in agreement with local farmers to restore some of the most vulnerable ecosystems in Colombia. It will be possible to monitor the growth of each plant through GPS coordinates and a digital certificate. But that’s not all. This initiative will also contribute to improving the income of rural communities; farmers participating in the project will be able to use the fruits of the planted trees as food or to make an economic income.

3Bee was chosen for the adoption of the hives. An Agri-Tech company that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health. Through exclusive technologies, beekeepers can constantly and comprehensively monitor their hives in order to optimize production, save time, and care for their bees by preventing problems and diseases. In 2 years, the company has developed a network of 10,000 beekeepers throughout Italy, giving rise to research, development and circular economy program “Adopt a Hive”. Today, following the project’s success and growing demand, the initiative has been extended to all environmentally sustainable, green-focused companies.

Let’s take care of our Planet, every gesture, even the smallest, can make a difference.

Happy holidays from fabbricadigitale!