On Saturday 21 January at 3 pm at Open Innovation Campus will take place the event “fabbricadigitale and Macron Warriors for an innovative hockey”.

fabbricadigitale will host the Serie A1 team of wheelchair hockey to talk about sport, disability and technology. Admission to the conference is free.

fabbricadigitale’s IoT (Internet of Things) department and Warriors team, made up of boys and girls with disabilities suffering from serious diseases, will work together to implement innovative technology on their wheelchairs. In order to solve the overheating of the wheelchair’s electrical box, they decided to create a box containing some smart sensors that transmit real-time data to both coaches and cloud system.

Data collected instantaneously during the game will act real-time on the board that governs the speed of wheelchairs avoiding exceeding the limit allowed by the game rules (12 km/h); today the penalty for this violation is the expulsion of the player.

The collection of telemetric data stored in cloud during a match will allow coaches to make an analysis of the players’ movements to define the best game strategies.

This collaboration shows the importance of Open Innovation Campus for the territory; a space for the contamination between private and public/social where the union of strengths and ideas can produce social projects that are not merely linked to economic factors.

We wait for you on Saturday 21 January at Open Innovation Campus at 3 pm in Via Volta 3, Casalmaggiore.