Security is a very important aspect that affects all the company’s activities dedicated to customers and internal ones.

All logic, physical and organizational security expedients have been completed by activities that guarantee the business continuity for which we have achieved ISO 22301 certification. We have been the first company in Italy!

Logic Security


Logic Security

We implement appropriate mechanisms of protection, confidentiality and integrity of all data. Logic security provides the use of specific security software and management processes on all the platforms supervised by fabbricadigitale.

Physical Security


Physical security

For all data centers, we apply solutions with high security mechanisms that guarantee protection to the physical components dedicated to data archiving, transport and processing. We test each component for the utmost reliability.

Organizational Security


Organizational security

Data security is carefully handled to guarantee compliant and respectful data access and treatment, following the correct processes. We accomplish specific risk analysis and implement tracking mechanisms for each activity that affects the system.

Our integrated system of management monitors and communicates in real-time the possible fabbricadigitale’s system anomalies – relating to internal services and customers support services – and the Business Continuity implementation process activities to our customers, through the website and Twitter, for prompt updates.

Business Continuity Monitoring

For any process and activity, we define specific recovery programs in order to make them suitable and clear in emergency conditions. For example, customers support activities and internal services can be restarted from different offices and headquarters thanks to the mobile CED management, and all the critical IT components are configured in geographical disaster recovery.

The system anomalies that affect both customers and internal services are constantly monitored and communicated in real-time, together with BC related activities.

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