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fabbricadigitale business activity has evolved a lot over the years and the company has increasingly experienced the transformation into a product-oriented one.

Solution as product guarantees unquestionable benefits in terms of reliability and support, from integrity to price. fabbricadigitale introduces this principle in any mandate in order to enhance its customers’ solutions quality and value.


Each company’s activity is dedicated to the standards compliance, both in business processes and technologies, in order to guarantee the correct reliability and solidity.

                        The company assures the best orchestration of the production resources, so the best result for the end-user, thanks to appropriate certifications (ISO and BS) and thanks to standards and control instruments adoption.

The standardization of processes, methods and productive technologies guarantee interoperability and an open approach for the integration with other systems in order to offer several options and possibilities to customers. We believe in an easy-to-integrate and integrated technology.


We try to be as fast as possible in tailoring the best solution that meets the market needs, such as product functions, projects and customizations. 

We believe in quickness and velocity: they are crucial factors for a successful customer satisfaction.


Solutions quality and reliability are directly connected with support and assistance that we provide to our customers.

fabbricadigitale pays attention to these aspects, both when it is about software licenses – for which Software Assurance and Direct Support are available – and clients, services or partners.

Support is guaranteed in working hours and it can be extended 24/7 in case of critical contexts.

Through technological tools, it is possible to open tickets, monitor the service (www.myfabbrica.it), and gather the product knowledge (Product Support Site).

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