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We believe that a grounded organization, seen as a solid structure in terms of processes, people, and tools, can guarantee a perfect company’s governance.

The organization is a process and a continuous investment in maintenance and evolution.

                   We achieved certifications in different areas, we use management integrated IT tools that follow the main international standards and – if they do not satisfy our requirements – we create them to correctly manage and support the solutions offered to our customers, from the design to the post-sale phases.

The organization, as any other company’s department, has to be and is always subjected to innovation processes.

Computerization and integration of all the management systems

All the internal management systems and those for the customers are computerized and constantly up-to-date. Each company tool, from the CRM to the support portal, is integrated to allow a better governance.

Documents dematerialization

We do not have a hardcopy archive, except for documents required by law. We dematerialize all the information and we store them following appropriate logic and physical security criteria, letting them always available online.

New technologies adoption

We always adopt advanced technologies, internally or externally produced. This approach allows us to experience the effectiveness or not of a new technology in order to guarantee to our customers the best consultancy and tactical and strategic choices for the products development.

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