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“We make today the solutions for tomorrow”

One of our strength is to speed things up.
Through the research, we face the challenges in advance to guarantee solutions to the future needs.
Technology is fabbricadigitale’s main innovation tool, the passion shared by our team and collaborators that allows us to keep one-step ahead of today.

Besides technology, we care about organization as well. We adopt smart and flexible models to change our processes and modus operandi in short times.

To become innovators and innovative, you have first to be forward-thinking and flexible, and embrace and support the change because it helps ourselves to move up with the times or even in advance.

We are the first ones to test the new technologies to understand whether and how they bring benefits to our customers, so then we can develop their potentiality and integrate them with our products.

In 2016, fabbricadigitale launches OpenInnovationCampus, a high technological contamination space designated to face the new technological challenges. The research in IoT (Internet of Things) is a deep reality for fabbricadigitale and our Labs are making great progresses in this branch.

We want the future to have a little of us and a little of our customers.

Early Adoption

We adopt the Early Adoption model with our suppliers and customers for allowing adequate verification and test phases before the release on the market. Among different programs, we are TAP (Technology Adoption Program) Microsoft Partner for Skype for Business.

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