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Candidates Information

(in accordance with the “General Data Protection Regulation”)


According to the Italian Personal Data Protection code, the present company, as “Titleholder” of the data processing, has to provide you with information relating to the personal data use.

Source of personal data

Personal data owned by this company are directly provided by the interested subject through the candidate form compiling. Data are processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Code.

Purpose of the processing

The collected personal data, essentially identification data, curricular and possibly confidential, are processed and used in the full respect of the fair information practices and in compliance with the current rules, in order to follow up the candidate’s request and, more in detail, in order to verify the hiring prerequisites and/or start a professional collaboration.
Data collection will be just about the standard ones; so the candidate has not to specify those confidential, as described in the GDPR, that are personal data relating to racial or ethnic race, religious and/or philosophic belief, political viewpoint, membership  to party, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political or union associations or organizations; as well as data relating to health status and sexual life. Exception for the case of the aforesaid data are necessary for the working relationship, in particular when the candidate belongs to sheltered groups.

Processing data methods

In relation to the purpose described above, the personal data processing occurs via manual, IT, electronic tools, with logics strictly related to their own purposes and for guaranteeing data security and privacy.

In particular, personal data are stored in hardcopy and electronic archives at the present company’s headquarter, and supervised by staff specifically nominated “Representative of the processing”. Additionally, we specify that – in case of no recruitment – personal data are stored within a period not exceeding six (6) months and then deleted.

We inform you that in case of later recruitment, we provide you with a new information and we ask you a new acceptance for succeeding data processing.

Communication and Dissemination

No collected data will be undisclosed and disseminated. Data communication to third parties, different from Titleholder, Supervisors and the nominated Representatives of the processing, is expected just when necessary (competent authorities, public institutions, etc.).

Rights of the Personal Data Protection Code

We inform you that the personal data protection legislation grants you the possibility to exercise specific rights. In particular, you can obtain:
a) confirmation of the existence or not of data relating to you, even if not recorded yet, and their communication in an intelligible form;
b) information about the source of personal data, purposes and processing modalities, as well as the logic used in case of data processing with electronic instruments;
c) information on identification data of the Titleholder, Supervisors, and all the people and their categories that can be informed about the personal data;
d) processed data cancellation, modification in anonymous form or the block of them in violation of the law, as well as the update, correction or, when there is interest, the integration of those data.

Additionally, for legitimate reasons, you can take position against the processing of your personal data, even if they are appropriate to a collection purpose. You can also take position against the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials, direct sales, or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

Titleholder and Representatives of the processing

The Titleholder of the processing is fabbricadigitale srl – headquartered in Via A. Volta, 3 – 26041 Casalmaggiore (CR) – Italy. For information please write to:

Nature of providing data

Data is normally provided by the concerned party, the candidate, who wants to propose his candidacy through his résumé/CV. Relating to data later requested or required by the Titleholder, failure to provide them, makes impossible to verify the requirements for hiring and/or for starting the professional relationship and, consequently, for establishing a relationship with the Titleholder.


Consent to data processing is not necessary in accordance with the GDPR since data processing is relating to contents included in résumés and CV sent spontaneously by the interested candidate for a possible working collaboration.