In today’s audition on 26th of February about the cognitive survey launched by Montecitorio, fabbricadigitale participated on the frontline as company that creates innovative digital tools and highlighted the new digital technologies’ impacts on society and global economy in the next future.

“During the speech we talked about the impacts of “Industry 4.0” on behalf of who is creating these automation instruments and we have been invited as experts to provide our original point of view about this future”, comments Francesco Meneghetti.
fabbricadigitale is producing extremely innovative products  in the automation field and specifically is developing a robot-software that automatize the creation of other business-oriented software; tomorrow the same system will be able to address different fields (ex healthcare, transports, education,…).

The company, based in Casalmaggiore with main offices in Milan, Rome and Cremona, is working hard on the creation of advanced systems for many processes’ automation by blending IoT with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

To support and enforce innovation, fabbricadigitale is launching a new area called “Open Innovation campus” where anyone can build new technologies and develop ideas.

In the end, we invited our members of Parliament to act through a legislative decree and to adopt the interoperability standards that already exist for the public administration systems.
Thanks to a simple but effective legislative decree, bureaucratic processes would become simple and grant effectiveness and efficiency in the processes between public and private.

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